Monday, October 10, 2011

New Manuscripts have Arrived

A number of new manuscripts have appeared on the website!  How exciting.  They now have minimal catalogue information, and are as follows:

Einsiedeln SB ms. 182 (Alcuin, In epistulam Pauli ad Titum, etc.; Amalarius, etc.)
Geneva, UB Lat. 37a (Epistolarium)
Paris, BNF Lat 9453 (Evangelary)
Schaffhausen, SB Gen. 1 (Adamnan, Vita Columbae)
Zurich, ZB C 10i (Passionary)
Zurich, ZB C 78 (miscellany, incl. poems, hymns, glossary, medical texts, Theodulf of Orleans, etc).
Zurich, ZB C 129 (Liber hermeneumatum; Ps. Seneca, etc.)

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